LERTS are people who care for and about their family,community,city,state,country and in fact the whole world! Lerts keep a watchful eye on the events occuring around them.They are aware of danger to children, old people, friends, family, actually EVERYONE! It’s simple, see something that you think is not right,and (REPORT IT). Lerts are not afraid to tell the police, the nextdoor neighbour, their friends, ANYONE! of anything they see that is not right.

So, from this day on, become a “LERT”, and be alert to whats happening. Be a proud “Lert” and let everyone know that you are. Ask them to become a “LERT” too, and when the word spreads the world will be full of “LERTS” and will advertise the fact.

Happy Lerting and be a Lert!!!!

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